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Condensed Portfolio 

includes: games, ray tracers, own game engine, graphic design, illustration, 2D animation (for jobs)

This is a condensed portfolio for CS & Art: straight to the point. If you’d like, explore more under +project archive in a much more dynamic website. Enjoy ︎

Hi, I’m Grace Li! I’m an undergraduate student at Pomona College studying Computer Science and Art + Media Studies, graduating December 2023. 

My goal is to become a Technical Artist/Technical Director/Tools Programmer, and combine my interests and experience in visual art, motion graphics, and coding/engineering.

This shines through in my personal projects, from 2D and 3D developments in Unity and Unreal to creating my own game engine in Rust, as well as in my experience doing software development at Microsoft and making immersive reality assets with music artists at Sony Music Columbia Records. 

Simple Recursive Ray Tracer

Python + Blender
April 2021 + CS 148 Stanford, self taught from syllabus*

Made simple recursive ray tracer to render separate images using Blinn-Phong lighting model including the reflections, fresnel, and transmission effects as well as taking into consideration aliasing and self-occlusion. 

*I took a semester off Spring 2021 to do Computer Graphics and Animation, and found all readings and projects off of a Stanford Computer Graphics course here. I went through the readings and projects myself to self-teach myself the material

Monte Carlo Ray Tracer 

Python + Blender
April 2021 + CS148 Stanford, self taught from syllabus 

Implemented a Monte Carlo recursive ray tracer using importance sampling with depth 3 and 16 samples to render images in the Cornell box using area light + 16 samples to do color bleeding, global illumination, and volumetric absorption.

Scene + Shader

Web GLSL + Javascript + Blender

Repository here
December 2022

Simple scene, created a final project in WebGLSL for Computer Graphics course while abroad.

+ Blinn-Phong lighting
+ vertex and fragment shaders + Animation and modeling 
+ all primitive objects + texturing + normals done

Games Made in Unity

3D game made in Unity: “Odin’s Passage”

Unity + C# + Blender

Repository here
Play the game here 
December 2022

Made in Unity, group project of 3 made for final project in class. 

Worked on
+ game assets and animation (Mermaid low poly modeling in Blender)
+ collisions
+ level design
+ procedural level generation 

Viking Odyssey x Crossy Road! Explored the mechanics of a very popular game but with a Scandinavian twist to top off our semester abroad in Denmark.

2D game made in Unity: “Ultimate Challenger”

Unity + C# + Illustration

Repository here 
Play the game here
October 2022

Made in Unity, group project of 4 made for midterm project in class. 

Worked on art side:
+ sprite sheets
+ pixel art
+ game design and development for the game. 

Fast paced, party style game with many different mini-games. 

2D Game made in Unity: “Ghost Town”

Unity + C# + Photoshop

Repository here
Play the game here
(UI is not suited for web, this game jam was early in learning Unity. Sorry!) 
August 2022

2-day game jam in a group of 4

Worked on
+ dialogue system
+ jump mechanics
+ level design
+ platform mechanics
+ art design & animation
+ sprites

Ghost game about nostalgia. Ghosts are only able to be seen with the lighting mechanism, and we follow the main character through his hometown as he discovers what has happened to everyone.

Own Game Engine Coded in Rust

Self made game engine made in Rust, graphics with Vulkan dependencies.
Graphics made in Blender and Photoshop.

two games (2D and 3D) created for Game Engine Programming Course at Pomona College, Spring 2022

2D Game with Own Game Engine: “Triumvirate Arena” 

Rust game engine + Photoshop

Repository here
Spring 2022

Group of 3, I worked on: graphics, bitblt images, gamestate manager, interactive buttons and graphic interface

Game Engine Features: 
  • Two player turn taking
  • Choose player
  • Choose move
  • Animated health bars
  • Fonts + text writing
  • Bitblt images
  • Original background music
  • Sound effects for selecting moves, players, etc.
  • Main/end screen
  • Get info screens for players and moves
  • Health and mana tracking (generation and subtraction moves)
  • Health and mana requirements for moves

3D Game with own Game Engine: “Maze Runner”

Rust game engine + Blender + Blender

Repository here
Spring 2022

Group of 3, I worked on: collision, camera, graphics, gamestate management, and asset interaction

Game Engine Features: 
  • 3D Collision (walls and game objects)
  • Animated 3D Game object
  • Gamestates
  • Game difficulty
  • Room generation/Path memory
  • Bitblt images
  • Orbital camera
  • Main/end screen
  • Instructions screen

2D frame-by-frame animation: “shiny objects”

Harmony ToonBoom Pro + AfterEffects + Premiere 

December 2020
hand drawn, frame by frame 

“shiny objects”
shiny object syndrome (n.): the tendency for someone to chase something new, be it a new idea, trend, or goal, rather than to stay focused on what they’re doing

more information here

3D Modeling and Immersive Reality 

Autodesk Maya + Blender 

“Dorm Room” 
Made in Autodesk Maya, some assets made in Blender.

Watch on Mobile to get full experience!

3D youtube video of my Dorm Room centering around academic propoganda.

Blender + Spark AR

Assets made/animated and sculpted in Blender, imported to Spark AR.
Face filter for class

Work for Columbia Records @ Sony Music

Adobe Photoshop + Premiere

Creative Intern January 2022 - May 2022, Spring Remote internship 
Assets made in Photoshop and Premiere. 

Worked on artists like HAIM, Labrinth, Harry Styles, Lennon Stella, Ethan Bortnick, and Lil Yachty.


Publication: “12 Hours in Walmart” 

Risograph Publication + Adobe InDesign + Interview Project 

14 pages, 25 editions
December 2022 (publication)  + June 2018 (interviews)

publications made in Self-Publishing Class 2021; Final Project: 12 Hours in Walmart. Interviewed 17 people in Walmart in rural Michigan from 8PM to 8AM

More information on this page here

Animated Gifs for Keyboard

Character Rigging + Moho Creator Pro + Animation

June 2020

character rigged, designed, and animated by me for Woobo Inc.
made with Moho Creator Pro (8 out of 16, the rest in the homepage)

Selected Illustration 

Ballpoint Pen + Digital 

See @goss8mer 
on instagram for more


Entertainment Creative Arts campaigns and programs:
January 2021 - August 2021

The Peahce Project graphics, stickers, and logo:
May 2020 - June 2021